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Why Ikonifi?

As an ecommerce company, you can profitably scale only as much as your ROAS allows you to. That’s where we come in. We have the unique ability to create extremely relevant audiences and drop them into your digital marketing campaigns. 

Product Search

Customer searches for something related to your product across multiple websites

Audience Pool

They get pulled into an audience within our software

Customer Score

Customer gets a lead score 1-10 based on how closely they resemble those that have purchased in the past

Campaign Alignment

We drop most relevant customers into FB campaign

We will always leverage the best machine learning technology to take the guess work out of the process. We acknowledge that we are only as good as our data and processes allow us to be

Don’t want to fire your in-house marketing team?

Great. Please don’t. We are happy to adjust our rate if we are simply bringing relevant audiences to your existing campaigns. We know that sounds weird, but we mean it. Sometimes we bring more value by working with a competent team than trying to replace your team.

Still skeptical?

With all the hyperbole from countless agencies, you should be skeptical. That’s why we just ask you to let us prove ourselves over 2 months. That should give us all we need show you we add value. Everything will be month to month after that!


Step 1

Schedule an exploratory call so we can create the best strategy for your business

Step 2

We will do a through review of your account and provide a business strategy analysis with our recommendations, yours to keep even if we don't move forward!

Step 3

If we can't show clear indicators that we can scale your business with a significantly better ROAS, we wouldn't expect you to take step 4

Step 4

Month to month, performance-based pay model. You will always have the ability to determine how much you want to spend on ads. We just hope you have the budget to dial it up as we hit the targeted ROAS

What our clients say

Ikonifi took me from a 1.5 ROAS with another 'reputable' agency to a 3-7x ROAS (depending on the week) at 5x the previous spend We have a niche product that's only relevant to a specific buyer so we are obviously thrilled.
7 months into our relationship
IMPORTANT NOTE: Our advertising is going extremely well. In fact, it is going too well. We're about to run out of inventory because our sales have increased so much, so quickly. We need to lower the budget down to $300 / day. I still want to launch the 4th of July campaigns but we'll need to use our budget efficiently to ensure we can get our inventory in line with the amount we can sell to customers using your services. Let's talk about this on our call.
Email from a happy (sort of) Ikonifi client
June 2019